Rethinking Corporate Governance: Responsible Governance, New Paradigm/ New Approach


  • Fatma BRAHAM Université de la Manouba - Tunisie


corporate governance, sustainable development, global performance, corporate social responsibility, integrated approach


The company, like the other components of society, has been hit hard by political excesses, cyclical shocks and recent biological changes as well as climate change. Corporate governance is the real guarantor of resilience in the face of these upheavals by proposing a new organizational form within the company and building new relationships between stakeholders. Following the primacy of ecological constraints, sustainable development constitutes a new paradigm and a new framework of analyses and prospections for economic and social actors. The aim of this research is to show the close link between cyclical changes and the corporate governance system. The paper also addresses specific questions about the appropriate governance model and the means to achieve it. The methodological approach adopted is purely theoretical around the governance systems of productive units. Our work postulates that the integrated model would enable us to overcome the ecological crisis through responsible, sustainable and even global governance and through corporate social responsibility.


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